Get prequalified for a mortgage – before you shop for your new home – and get more bargaining power .

The benefits of a preapproval:

•Determine your affordable price range
•Know the range of affordability greatly aides your new home search.
•Shows you are a serious buyer
•Having a pre-approval gives you the added leverage when buying a home.
•Makes your offer more attractive
•Sellers know that a pre-approval means you are ready to buy


Talking to a licensed Loan Officer is an important step to getting the right mortgage loan. Every borrower is different and a Loan Officer knows which questions to ask in order to best match you with the right loan and monthly payment


Our most popular mortgage loan options for first-time home buyers

* FHA Mortgage Loans

     Purchase your home with only 3.5% down. Closing costs can be a gift from a relative!

* 30 Year Fixed Mortgage Loans
     Our most popular mortgage. Get a low payment and the security your rate won’t change for the life of your loan.
* VA Mortgage Loans
     No down payment, no PMI and flexible credit requirements make the VA loan a top choice for veterans and active military members.


Don't forget to get free access to our industry leading mortgage calculators to help you determine which program is best for you.

Getting prequalified before making an offer is an extremely important part of the mortgage process. Understanding the price range of homes you are able to afford will help your Loan Officer and Realtor guide you to the right properties, making certain you feel comfortable with the process.


And, just because you might qualify for a certain payment, does not necessarily mean you would be comfortable with that payment. Your lifestyle plays a huge role in determining what you want to do. Other factors such as vacations or dining out, although not part of the approval process, are things you must take into consideration when purchasing a home.


Mortgage companies use ratios to determine how much a borrower qualifies for. Ratios can vary based on the underwriter or the particular mortgage product for which you are getting approval.


There are even some instances where you might qualify for more than the guidelines allow because you have compensating factors (i.e. additional savings, larger downpayment, etc.)


Please consult one of our mortgage professionals to determine what you can be prequalified for!